10,000 Electric BMW and Mini Cars Sold in September

BMW and Mini electric car sales of September 2017 have exceeded the entire sales of electric cars made in the year 2016. In September, BMW sold a total of 10,000 cars for the first time in a single month. Overall, since the launch of the electric BMW vehicles, a total of 68,000+ cars have been sold.

Company’s previous sales report show that the global sales of these electric cars shot up by 3.7 percent compared to the sales done in 2016.

By the end of 2017, BMW is expecting to reach 100,000 sales, said the head of BMW AG, sales and marketing. This year, BMW holds the largest share in the global electric car market.

The reason behind the increase in sales of electric vehicles is the availability of BMW 5 hybrid plugin series. The BMW 5 series accounts for one-third sales in the global market.

The global sales of BMW in 2017 in the first three quarters, has increased by 3.9% with global sales of 15, 37,497. The MINI also achieved a new record in sales with 271, 394 deliveries to their customers.

A BMW AG management member said that MINI is achieving a sustainable growth since June, and the company is expecting MINI to set a new sales target by the end of this year.

Not only the BMW and MINI but also the BMW Motorrad has achieved new sales records by selling 14,090 maxi-scooters and motorbikes to their customers. Compared to previous year, the company has seen 15.3% increase in the sales this year.

Overall, the sales reports show that BMW is positive about its plans to electrify more in the future.


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