2018 BMW M2 Pictures

BMW is one of the premium carmakers in the world and they have done their best while designing the beauty – that is 2018 BMW M2. Check out the enticing pictures below.

This vehicle is clearly an M model that the BMW enthusiasts expect from the company. The engagement of the driver is also not compromised as it is not too quick around the track.

The design of M2 is done to get the best performance on the track. The engine is same as the one used in the M4 and M3. As they are bigger than this car, the iron cylinder liners and pistons are carefully tuned for the track.

BMW M2 goes from zero to sixty in just 4.2 seconds with a dual clutch having 7-speed and in about 4.4 seconds with the manual 6 speed clutch. The top speed of this beauty is 155 mph.

Looks wise also, M2 is top notch and doesn’t disappoint. The vehicle shows the actual class and elegance that is BMW!

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