4 Essential Tips That Can Help You Compare Used Cars in a Jiffy

BeginnersGuide to Comparing Used Cars in 4 Simple Ways

All buyers who are looking for a new ride in 2014 should make sure that they don’t leave any stone unturned by not including used cars in their list. The charms and luxury of a brand new vehicle can surely win over many people, but what they need to understand is that new is not always better. Used cars can be equally attractive and comfortable.

How Much Value Does the Vehicle Lose?

A new vehicle can lose 30 percent of its value within a few months after being driven off the showroom and also the insurance rates are way too high than pre-owned models. There are several clear benefits of buying a used car and if you are in the market looking for the right one, you must consider these four tips throughout the procedure.

  1. Don’t Avoid Competition

Most people have a very strict scrutiny process where they go only with a specific make and model in their mind. But, smart shoppers and buyers know the fact that they should never rule out competition from the other manufacturers. For instance, if you are willing to buy a Honda Accord, make sure that you try other midsize sedans from other manufacturers as well so as to be completely sure of what you want.

2.Keep a Track of Top Competitors

You can keep your inspection process cool, yet make sure to maintain organized notes of all the things that you liked and didn’t like. Maintain a checklist of all your requirements about every vehicle. For instance, list out all the basic factors like the body damage, odometer reading, gas mileage and also major repairs. You can give all the vehicles a score between one and ten right after the test drive.

  1. A Detailed Inspection Is Must

It is important to inspect every part of the car’s body, looking for any signs of damage like dents, scrapes or rust. This exercise is a lot more than just about the looks. It is in fact a way to look for any sign of a potentially hidden accident. Don’t hesitate to speak up and get all the much-needed information about the facts and history of the car you are about to buy.

  1. Check the Warranty

Every car does come with some kind of warranty now. Few of these warranties come right from the manufacturers,while others come from individual dealers. And if a warranty is being offered, make sure to know what all details it covers. Few cover all sorts of potential issues, while the others are confined to cover just the basics. Also make sure to obtain a fine print on warranty, ensuring that it is transferrable to the vehicle’s new owner.

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