Bentley Continental GT Review

If you get a fleeting glance of the new Bentley Continental GT, there is something to distinguish from the shape, which is much altered when compared to the luxury coupe. Here is an insight into the new Bentley Continental GT. This model of Bentley coupe price is tagged at around $200,000, while the convertible costs even higher.

Design Specifications

In this future generation vehicle, one cannot observe shut-lines in the rear or front, and the headlights are now featured with larger inboard units same as that of Mulsanne’s. The flowing character lines and fenders sport crisp gives slightly more impressive appearance to the shape. The rear decklid is referred by extra character lines, whereas the larger taillamp lenses are expected to float in the rear fenders.

Coming to interior, it is entirely featured with padded leather, which offers the cabin a more pleasure feel over the outdated model; it is designed with an extensive utilization of cowhide glued directly to the substrate. The dashboard is featured with a more appealing dual cockpit look along with a large sized center stack to carry the new onboard navigation system. One of the advanced amenities of new Bentley Continental GT is the sunglass case, which is fixed on top of the cup holders in the center console to assist cover their presence.

Engine Performance

Bentley Continental GT is outfitted with a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W-12 engine to develop power of 567 bhp and torque of about 516 lb.-ft. Similar to the Supersports models, the all-wheel-drive Continental GT will be designed with more positive gear changes and a 40/60 front/rear torque bias with the sporty Supersports’ Speedshift gearbox.

These are the important details of the new Bentley Continental GT.

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