Best Audio Upgrades for Your Car’s Stereo System

Are you not able to listen to your car’s music system when play your favorite song? If yes, then it’s time for your audio upgrade. Usually, car manufacturers try to install the best music system, but fail to do so as it’s not their major task! So, if you want to have clear music and good beats, here are few tricks to get it done.
Change Your Speakers

The most crucial step is to change your speakers. Factory speakers with built-in equalizers have very less variations you can do. For example, if you to try to increase the volume, the bass dies down and noise flows in it. So, first try replacing your front speakers. You can spot the difference easily. If you want better options, try component speakers. Although a little difficult to install, it will give you better sound.

Install Amplifiers

The next step is by installing amplifiers. This will take your music system to the next level. Most cars nowadays come with preamp outputs, so it’s advisable to go for line input amplifiers. If not, you could always go for speaker level outputs amplifiers. This allows you to turn in the volume as much as you like without any distortion at all. This is because amplifiers sit in between the head input and your speakers.

Sizing up Sub-Woofers

Installing subwoofers is the key in piece in upgrading your stereo system. Subwoofer speakers serve only one purpose in car sound- to enhance the low-frequency sound range of the music. If you have available space in your car, the subwoofers should be large enough to enhance the low-frequency sound, yet small enough to fit into the available space.

Pump Up the Bass!

If you just want to pump up your bass, then the best bet is to go for a subwoofer with an amplifier or a powered subwoofer. If you are going for a subwoofer, you could always go with a 15, two 12’s or 2 10’s in sealed boxes. A 12 is suggested just in case it’s big but not too big, affordable, and loud.

Use a Head

The manufacturer never takes into account subwoofers when he builds your vehicle. Possessing a big bass draws power; so, you should install a capacitor head to be safe. A capacitor would act as buffer between your amps and your car’s battery. It would store up power from your battery and then release it instantly to satisfy your amp’s demand for the power needed to reproduce a big bass hit.

Keeping in mind the above points, you could listen to any kind of song from a DJ mix to a Rock song with utmost clarity.

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