The Future Is Here Lamborghini TerzoMillennio

Automobile giant Lamborghini has come up once again with a “super extreme” idea in terms of technology. Yes, the Italian supercar manufacturer has come up with an entire new electric hypercar concept which they are showcasing by the name of TerzoMillennio. It really has something new under its hood which in other words is known as future today.

Lamborghini presented their new idea at Boston here on Monday. They have named the unique project as TerzoMillennio as it is a project in partnership with MIT. For those who don’t know, MIT is the reason that made this concept car come to life.

The new model of Lamborghini is one of the amazing, biggest and boldest ideas of all time that can escape the minds of Cambridge and Sant’Agata Bolognese in the years to come.

As we all know, the technology in the world of automobile is changing at a higher speed thus electric and hybrid cars are coming to existence. In fact, there are even robots who are designed to drive cars, but according to Alessandro Farmeschi, the COO for Lamborghini America, people buy sports car to drive it and to enjoy it. No one really want a sports car to be driven by a robot.

Maurizio Reggiani, the company’s director of R&D also believes that none of Lamborghini owner hire a private driver. They want to enjoy each and every ride by themselves.

Maurizio Reggiani also believes that in terms of technology and power, Lamborghini is way ahead than any other supercar. Hence TerzoMillennio which means “third millennium” is all about hi-tech power.

The design expert MitjaBorkert informed that the car has a low ground clearance while the wheels are designed in such a way that they look like they would be spinning next to your eyeballs but once zoomed away, one can feel the post-apocalyptic sci-fi scene which means the wheels belong to the car.

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