How to Increase the Value of Used Bike That You’re Planning to Put Up for Sale?

Private buyers and dealers are on the lookout for well-cared, maintained, and standard bikes alike, especially the models that are ruling the market.They want bikes with service history, and all the facts fully-documented. Moreover, gaudy imitation carbon and anodised trinkets can detract highly from a bike’s resale value. Slight modifications can also increase the resale price. You should go for practical reforms over simply cosmetic.

Factors to be Considered…

Quality upgrade can raise buyer’s confidence and attention; if there are any maker’s optional add-ons and if you’ve installed, let it highlight. Before you sell your bike, know what its current value in the market is. There are many factors that decide resale value of the bike. Not all new models would sell at a higher price.

Classic/Vintage Bikes Always Sell for High Prices

Some of the classical pieces can sell at double the price than it was bought for. If there is too much demand for classic bike, and if you’re selling it, make sure to price it right. Unlike new bikes, the cost of used models can vary considerably. It’s important to do a little research, when considering selling a classic bike. You need to be practical while determining the price of the model.

Keep It Interesting

You must have added some interesting features, but make it look like that it’s an add-on, not the cover for dent damage! The custom spray jobs should be highlighted in the right way. Things may look worse, if there is heavy (too much) modification. If you’ve thought of adding customized feature, think it practically or else it would be a weighty financial loss.

Select Carefully

It is possible to prevent big-time depreciation by choosing the right bike and accessories in the first place. If you’re using sports bike, and planning to get top dollar, then purchase a clear road-test victor, so that your bike looks best in its class worldwide. Opt for better and practical features that offer a guaranteed and pricy future classic bike.

Price Trends

Few other factors that savvy buyers consider include price trends and resale value. Location, repair costs, provenance, and purpose are the most important aspects that most buyers consider. Your location matters the most, as shipping costs (travelling price) determine the total value of the bike. You should find out for what prices bikes in a nearby location are sold. You should quote the right price and be ready to negotiate with buyers.

Is the market value of the motorcycle decreasing, rising or stable? You should do a little bit research online to quote the fair price. You should also give information about the availability of spare parts and repair parts in nearby locations.

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Clean and service the bike on regular basis (not during the time of sale), so that you can hike the value for a smaller price.

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