Know How to Sell a Used Car the Right Way

Your Guide to Selling a Used Car Privately

Selling your car directly to a private buyer can surely be a little tricky and tough process, but it is in fact a great way to get the best possible price for your car. However, the selling process can be a little time consuming and might involve a few additional risks. But by following these easy guidelines, you can make sure that the process goes easy and smooth.

Getting Started

While selling your car in private, make sure that it looks its best. A second-hand car dealer would keep all the used cars in his showroom in the best possible conditions and so should you, if you wish to have a fast, easy, and profitable sale. While the car is being inspected, the potential buyer is more likely to buy it only if it has been looked after properly. So, make sure to do these things:

  1. Clean your car completely inside and out. It might be a little expensive deal, but you will soon be rewarded back with a huge selling amount.
  2. Clean all the windows; wash and also wax the exterior.
  3. Make sure to remove all the clutter from the interior and also from the boot of the car. Wipe and vacuum the interiors as well.

4.Make sure to get rid of all possible messes made by kids, pets, and even cigarette.

5.Top up all the fluids and replaceany burnt-out lights.

  1. Cleaning the glove box is a good idea too. Also, consider keeping all the related documents that are needed by the prospective buyersinside the car.

Inspection and Repairs

Some of the potential buyers might want to get the car tested by a mechanic of their choice. Such request from potential buyers should always be welcomed, but to avoid any sort of potential surprise, you might want to get your car inspected by your mechanic or a third party specialist prior to placing a ‘For Sale’ ad.

Other Maintenance Issues

Consider discovering all the mechanical defects, cracks, dents or any other sort of maintenance issues resolved beforehand. You can also mention to the potential buyers that few items will be fixed once he/she buys the car. However, this might raise the chance of negotiation for the buyer to try and drive the price a little lower and hence it should be avoided to the maximum.

Roadworthy Test

A roadworthy certificate is needed while registering a vehicle. The seller can surely have the vehicle tested for roadworthy beforehand, but these certificates expire every 21 days, which is why it is advised that the buyer gets it done from any nearby vehicle testing station.

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