Lamborghini Urus SUV Launched Today in its Sant Agata Headquarters

With great looks and awesome specifications, Lamborghini unveiled its brand new Urus SUV today. This car has been designed similar to Esapada which was launched by Lamborghini forty five years back. Both these cars add a more practical dimension to the company.

Urus has been perfectly designed for both off road as well as on road ventures. It is equipped with a twin turbo V* with a capacity of 4.0 litres and it produces a horsepower of approximately 650 lb. It is going to have an RPM between 2250 and 4500 and will offer a torque of 626 lb.

Urus is capable of hitting a speed of 60 miles per hour in less than 3.6 seconds. It can reach up to 200 kph in 12.8 seconds only. The top speed of the car is 189 miles per hour and it is going to give the riders a driving experience of a lifetime. It weights around 4850 lbs and will prove to be tractable in off roads and a great sprinter on-road.

This handsome and awesome car can be yours only at a price of 200,000 dollars in United States. Urus is going to come with 6 driving modes. These are CORSA, SPORT, NEVE, SABBIA, TERRA and STRADA. The TERRA driving mode is designed for off road driving, SABBIA is designed for driving through sand and NEVE is designed for driving through snow. It also has a plus EGO mode which is used to individually tailor the drivetrain and the suspension rates.

Urus has already sparked a wave of excitement amongst the crowd. The media is really looking forward to interact with Maurizio Reggiani, the chief engineer of Lamborghini and learn more about his plans to develop the regime of off road driving in his upcoming interviews.

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